KPMG: Clearer Pensions

Putting money aside for the future is not always on the forefront of an employee’s list of priorities, but pensions are an important part of everyone’s future. 

As an employer, it is your job to make sure that your employees have the best possible pensions options.

That is why the National Housing Federation has teamed up with KPMG to provide a tailored pensions service just for housing associations.

Designed to simplify the language around pensions, Clearer Pensions reduces the amount of time spent by housing associations researching the various types of pensions.

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Why use Clearer Pensions?

An essential feature of the website is how easily accessible it is from various devices including mobile phones and tablets. This gives you greater flexibility in the ways that you are able to manage your pensions.

With this service, housing associations will:

  • Be able to find the more economical pensions options for their organisation, using tailored pensions insights.
  • Have exclusive access to training materials for actuarial valuations and pensions accounting.
  • Have use of member communication templates.
  • Access to a personalised portal.

Take a tour of the website

Take a look at the demonstration of some of the key features from the Clearer Pensions website.


Contact details

Book a consultation on the Clearer Pensions website, or give a KPMG pensions advisor a call today on 0113 231 3746.