Founded in 2003, Mobysoft is a trusted provider of data-driven solutions tailored for the social housing sector. Our technology empowers social landlords with a suite of intelligent systems designed to enhance income-collection processes, benefiting residents and organisations alike. Our key solutions include RentSense, RepairSense, Intelligent Automation and Former Tenant Arrears Essentials, each addressing critical aspects of the social housing sector.


This innovative tool revolutionises rent collection by using advanced algorithms to guide staff in taking the most effective actions with residents in or at risk of arrears. It identifies residents who are at risk of arrears and assesses arrear levels, streamlining workflows and allowing more time for meaningful resident engagement, ultimately improving rent collection processes.


Harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, RepairSense analyses repairs data to provide actionable insights for housing providers. It enhances repairs quality, reduces demand, and elevates resident satisfaction, helping housing organisations deliver better services.

Intelligent Automation

Mobysoft Assisted Automation simplifies tasks for staff with a user-friendly interface that enables immediate automation of actions based on rules, patches and unactioned cases. This versatile solution reduces workload, freeing up time to address more complex cases and improve outcomes for residents.

Automated Early Intervention

Powered by Supervised Machine Learning, this system leverages a vast set of rent data to predict when residents are likely to fall into arrears. It automates contact without staff intervention, maximising productivity and resource value for housing providers.

Automated Worktray Manager

This platform further streamlines workloads by automating contact and actions for specific arrears cases. It enables focus on complex cases, ultimately improving outcomes for residents.

FTA Essentials

Simplifying former tenant arrears management, FTA Essentials organises data, prioritises cases for staff, and determines contact based on configurations and patches. This ensures that only cases requiring action are presented in priority order, improving efficiency and clarity.

At Mobysoft, our expertise lies in harnessing the transformative potential of data, particularly non-intrusive transactional data. We employ complex algorithms to predict individual behaviour, prioritising human outcomes in all our services. Our commitment to the principle of 'technology for good' guides our product development and values, ensuring that we continue to make a positive impact on the social housing sector.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Your Organisation 

The guide sets out key stages that organisations should consider when looking to benefit from Artificial Intelligence, these include:

  • Preparing to introduce AI into your organisation.
  • Ensure transparency and recognise fallibility.
  • Explainability and legality.
  • Preventing data bias and creating guardrails.
  • People

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