Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd (PCM) provides cost-neutral parking management services to commercial and residential clients across their privately owned car parks.

We help our clients with day-to-day tailored parking solutions on over 3,500 sites across the UK:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Reducing operating headaches
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bespoke parking solutions.

PCM are a preferred, often sole parking operator for many of the leading housing and property management companies in the UK.

Clients enjoy:

  • Professional implementation and tailored solutions
  • Experience in management of large portfolios in excess of 100 sites
  • Innovative proprietary technology, such as online resident permit application and virtual visitor parking offering
  • Additional services including line marking and abandoned vehicle removal
  • Experienced and dedicated account managers
  • Clear and concise communication
  • A considered, ethical and professional approach to the management of client car parks
  • Robust appeals and litigation services.

In addition to a full-service car park management service, PCM offer a portfolio of stand-alone solutions:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Pay to park online
  • Virtual parking (app)
  • Virtual visitor parking (app)
  • Vehicle removal
  • Self enforcement (app)
  • Bespoke signage
  • Line marking

Investment in proprietary technology allows PCM the ability to offer clients web-based tools to manage their car parks.

In addition to a cost neutral parking management solution PCM offers discounted rates on:

  • Line marking
  • Vehicle removal
  • Additional (non-parking) estate signage*

* Parking related signage is produced at zero cost for our clients.


“I know it’s no fun to receive a ticket, but speaking from the other side of the fence, as it were, I couldn’t be happier with PCM.

We have a car park at our block of flats which was being used by
non-residents for all kinds of shadiness - it was exhausting.

PCM came in, painted bays, erected signage, and provided permits for all residents for free. They then ticketed anyone who didn’t have a permit, and two or three months later we have no such problems.

They’ve never ticketed anyone with a permit, and they’ve never ticketed anyone erroneously. We couldn’t be happier.”

Google review, 2021

"PCM have been providing parking enforcement for Peabody for several years, however since January 2021 they took over 100 sites from an existing company.

PCM have successfully mobilised these sites within the agreed timescale, despite some unavoidable delays on our part. Throughout the mobilisation period, PCM have kept us up to date with each scheme, and if any problems arose, they were quickly resolved. The communication has been very clear and consistent, and Rob and his team have been thoroughly responsive, helpful and knowledgeable throughout.

Taking on a large-scale project where the parking was previously poorly managed is no easy feat and I’m pleased with how quickly PCM have set up and begun parking enforcement.

I recently received feedback from a resident in Chelsea saying that PCM have brought order to a once chaotic car park.

PCM have demonstrated how they are able to quickly and efficiently set up parking enforcement across Peabody and I am looking forward to long lasting partnership with them going forward.”

Sarah Gayle
SCM and Contracts Manager, Peabody Estates

Contact details

Rob Gilder, Head of Business Development
Tel: 07584572102  
Address: The Courtyard, 1a Cranbourne Road, Slough, Berks, SL1 2XF