PfH is a respected leading brand within the social housing sector, recognised for the value it helps its members to create from their supply chains.

Their 900+ member organisations enjoy access to a range of procurement services including consultancy, technology, energy and dedicated frameworks offering best value from market leading suppliers.

The PfH consultancy offer includes strategic sourcing, spend analytics, strategic reviews, procurement health checks, merger solutions, asset management supply chain reviews and outsourcing solutions.

PfH technology solutions are designed to assist members in reducing cost, improving control, transparency and improving efficiency. Current technology solutions include Valueworks, Quantum billing, procurement cards, e-tendering, contract management, price checking, value for money reporting and spend analytics.

PfH has developed its in-house capability to deliver a broad range of energy services solutions. Alongside its energy supply framework PfH have also developed a number of product offers including bill validation, consultancy services and retrofit solutions.

PfH frameworks are dedicated to the social housing sector with member demand aggregated to improve pricing through collaboration. Frameworks are categorised as:

  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Planned and capital.
  • Compliance.
  • Indirect.

PfH help their members to effectively manage their significant external cost base so that organisations can re-invest in their businesses, stock, and invest in social and community benefits. It delivers value to its members against a number of identified needs:

  • Cashable savings.
  • Compliance.
  • Risk management.
  • Process efficiency.
  • Control and visibility.
  • Resource capability and capacity.
  • Business performance.

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To find out how PfH can deliver value for your organisation, visit or call 01925 282398.