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Phoenix Software offers National Housing Federation members up to 60% off selected products and services.

Phoenix Software is the UK’s leading supplier of software, hardware, devices, IT solutions and Software Asset Management services to housing associations in the UK. Phoenix have worked with customers in this sector for nearly 30 years and this level of exposure has provided an unrivalled level of knowledge around the challenges that housing associations face and the business aims that many are working towards.

As a National Housing Federation Preferred Supplier, we leverage significant discounts – up to 60% in some cases – on software, hardware and associated services. These discounts are available to all NHF members via an extensive number of specially-negotiated deals with leading global suppliers. We are highly accredited with all the major software and hardware vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Dell, HP, IBM, Symantec, Adobe, Citrix, License Dashboard and Sophos, making us the premier partner for all your IT requirements. We are also on all the major purchasing frameworks including the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

How can housing associations use Phoenix Software?

Phoenix Software can help your housing association develop efficient and cost-effective software licensing strategies during times of change. Utilising the Phoenix Software Optimisation Service (Phoenix SOS), can help you develop a vision of your current and future software licensing requirements and maximise the value of your software estate – all while saving money. 

Phoenix Software can work in partnership with your organisation to:

  • Understand current licence entitlements and offer a range of licence entitlement services ranging from a full software audit to a licence roadmap.
  • Identify a long-term implementation strategy, including potential growth and decline.
  • Give expert advice on how to licence a virtualised environment correctly, on both server and desktop.
  • Conduct complex cost modelling which will provide definitive long-term costs for your Microsoft licensing strategy.
  • Create a detailed strategy report that will analyse each option for benefits and risks, making recommendations for a solution which contributes to any business case justification.
  • Make recommendations for, or even carry out, vendor negotiations on your behalf.
  • Produce a management presentation pack summarising the analysis and findings that you can then use to present to senior executives within your organisation.

With proven savings of between 10% and 30% on your average annual software spend, contact a member of the Phoenix Software Housing Team today: 01904 562 200,

Exclusive pricing for NHF members on Adobe products

Technology is changing our lives faster than ever before. We swipe for food, tap for transportation and click for clothing. We put on goggles to see distant worlds, we can create a masterpiece with our finger and relive our favourite memory with a video - and Adobe is with you every step of the way.

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best apps and services for video, design, photography and the web. It’s easy to get started with built-in tutorials and templates. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you have everything you need to go from dreaming to doing.

The Phoenix and National Housing Federation Adobe VIP Linked Membership brings you the latest and greatest Adobe software at the maximum level of discount under the VIP program. However small your order, you can now achieve the discount associated with buying 100+ units!

If you already have a VIP agreement the process to unlock the discounted pricing is simple. Sign up below and we will link your existing agreement to the National Housing Federation Adobe VIP Linked Membership. Your agreement number will stay the same, the only difference you will see is the linked membership details in your Adobe Admin Console - and of course the discounted pricing!

To sign up for this agreement, visit the Phoenix Software website.

Alternatively, to discuss this further with a member of the Phoenix Housing Team, please call us on 01904 562200 or email

Regional Recovery - Infographic

The ongoing impact of COVID continues to present wider challenges for the region as a whole.

Regional Recovery - White Paper

With a £10 billion public sector funding gap predicted for 2021/22, the local authority workforce is increasingly being asked to deliver more with less.

Case study

Phoenix Software and London & Quadrant – a partnership delivering tangible social value

As part of its mission to combine social purpose and commercial drive, L&Q aimed to increase the amount of social value created by its supply chain. To this end, Phoenix Software ensured it included a range of offerings in its partnership with L&Q. A plan was drawn up to provide relevant training skills to L&Q tenants, with the aim of helping improve their employment chances.

Read the full case study to learn more about this project and how partnering with Phoenix Software can provide real social value to organisations.     

New technology asset management solution: Clarity

Clarity is a new Technology Asset Management product from Phoenix Software that can help housing associations achieve their digital transformation goals and reduce software spend. 

Clarity is a bespoke managed programme designed to help you deliver your objectives and provide transparency and control of your software investment within the cloud. 

You can create a tailored solution specifically designed for your needs, selection from six different modules: 

  • IT Asset Control.
  • Software Optimisation Service.
  • Cloud Readiness and Optimisation.
  • Cloud Platform Management.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Lifecycle Management.

Contact details

To find out more and build your tailored solution, contact Phoenix Software on 01904 562200 or visit the website