Property Booking

Property Booking and the National Housing Federation work in partnership to create new digital solutions to help educate the public about shared ownership, as part of our national campaign.

The partnership has created a public facing website to promote and explain the benefits of shared ownership. Over 200,000 homes have now sold with shared ownership in the UK and demand for the scheme has increased by more than 50% between 2010 and 2018.


You can visit Property Bookings’ property portal which showcases over 15,000 homes available to buy across the country, including homes of our campaign supporters.

Jimmy Acton, MD for Property Booking says: “This is a very important partnership for Property Booking and we are thrilled to be working together with the NHF to boost awareness of shared ownership. Despite the scheme being available for over 30 years and a considerable increase in shared ownership usage more recently, the scheme is still not as mainstream as it should be. There is still a lack of information available for homebuyers looking to discover alternative routes into home ownership – many of whom will find shared ownership an invaluable lifeline when it comes to getting on or moving up the property ladder.

The portal partnership is keen to develop Shared Ownership options in all parts of England and encourages affordable housing providers to list their property options and help generate more enquiries.

Jimmy adds: “Since we launched the ‘Homes for Londoners’ portal for the Mayor of London last year, thousands of users have registered to access affordable homes, and we are committed to helping more home buyers across the country through the Property Booking website. One of our main goals is to increase the number of shared ownership listings throughout England, providing more affordable home options across the country. It’s free to list so this will hopefully encourage an uptake of listings and encourage more members to be part of this national campaign designed to boost home ownership options across the country.”


Or for more information on shared ownership, please visit our website.