Vantage UAV

Vantage UAV is a drone services and solution company with operations nationwide that can provide support to NHF members on asset management, building safety, development and regeneration.

Vantage UAV’s drones obtain high quality images of buildings in a safer, faster and more accurate way so that you can make informed decisions that help your organisation to reduce costs. 

Some advantages of using drones instead of traditional survey methods include:

  • The ability to perform full external building surveys
  • Collecting images and data from areas difficult to reach, such as roofs and high-rise building facades
  • Creation of highly detailed topographical surveys of large areas
  • Quickly assessing the progress of works through the duration of a project.

Vantage UAV also offer the option to both host and process the data obtained. If your preference is to have your own drone team Vantage UAV can also advise on the best aircraft to acquire, procure them for you and provide ongoing training and support for your staff - allowing you more freedom to perform surveys when needed. 

Contact details

For more information contact:

0203 8718226 / /

Alternatively contact:

Tony Moore, Commercial Manager / 07876744626 /