Vantage UAV

Vantage UAV is a market-leading drone services and solutions provider, with a nationwide reach that can provide support to NHF members on asset management, building safety, development and regeneration, and more.

Vantage UAV has a mission to enable its customers to effectively and consistently manage and maintain their assets in a safer, smarter and more cost-effective way. They have extensive experience and expertise in supplying drone services and solutions to the built environment, with a particular focus on the social housing sector.

Being the Preferred Supplier of drone services to the NHF and with services available either directly, or through a range of procurement channels from DPS’ to Frameworks, Vantage UAV are well supported and easily accessible.

Vantage UAV and social housing 

Within the social housing sector, Vantage UAV have the ability to provide a variety of services aiding the inspection and safety of buildings, assisting responsive repairs and supporting development and regeneration projects. Carrying out drone-based inspections provides greater insight into the condition of assets at a vastly reduced cost in comparison to traditional access methods.

Resident inclusion is central to Vantage UAV’s way of working. Drone services actively demonstrate innovative and advanced property management and can provide easy-to-use visual data which can be shared with all relevant stakeholders. 

Drones as a service 

Vantage UAV performs drone-based inspection, surveying, mapping and security services on your behalf. They use an expansive range of drones, alongside a myriad of sensor types covering optical, high-resolution video, thermal and LiDAR, tailored to client output requirements. 

The data captured can be delivered in a variety of ways, including 2D and 3D data portals, coupled with a suite of data deliverable options; raw data only, data integration into existing client systems and a range of hosted data portals for client access, viewing and interaction with the end-output. Reports can be produced to highlight and categorise defects, providing critical data for the BIM process.

Building safety 

The unparalleled capability of drones to capture data in multi-occupancy buildings of varying heights, is fully proven. Vantage UAV’s drone services can provide detailed imagery highlighting potential issues with the external fabric of a building. The comprehensive data collected can also be processed to create a full 3D digital twin of the building. 

Responsive repairs

A large proportion of issues raised in this area revolve around roof and upper surface conditions, which can be notoriously difficult to detect. Vantage UAV can perform a whole drone roof inspection in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. The detailed imagery outputs allow for full assessments to be made before any remedial work is undertaken.  

Development and regeneration

Drones can quickly and effectively survey large areas of land, collecting accurate data which can aid different sized development and regeneration projects. Drones can also be used to monitor project progress and can be deployed to assist site security functions.

Net zero

With a growing awareness of the need to reduce Scope three emissions, Vantage UAV’s drone services are aligned with net zero strategies. Vantage UAV are helping to reduce third-party transportation emissions using their localised pilot network, alongside a reduction in construction and operational emissions. 

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