Wiggett Group

Wiggett Group is a successful multi-trade contractor providing responsive repairs and planned maintenance services to over 300,000 homes and public buildings nationwide with an excellent proven track record as social housing experts in property services.

Why use Wiggett Group

Initially starting as an electrical and roofing company, Wiggett Group has progressed into working across a plethora of trades in a variety of sectors including corporate properties, educational facilities, care schemes and government buildings dedicating more than a decade to reliability, stability and sustainability.

They have undertaken many successful projects, from minor building repairs to major commercial refurbishment, refits and construction works.

Working alongside some of the largest housing associations in the UK to provide a safe standard of living for the country's population. Wiggett Group strives to provide a better quality of living for the thousands of homes they serve each year. This is evident in the recent opening of a Retrofit Division which is a department solely dedicated to moving the industry forward on its path to net zero.


Wiggett Group provides a range of services covering all domestic and commercial maintenance services. This includes over 120 multidisciplinary operatives working nationwide 24/7.

To ensure a high level of operational focus it’s split into three operating divisions including Retrofit and Sustainability, Property Services and Consultancy Services. All work has a heavy focus on pushing the industry towards a carbon-neutral goal.

This includes:

  • Designing buildings that optimise natural lighting, ventilation and insulation to reduce energy usage.
  • Adopting renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Utilising low-emitting materials and ventilation systems to reduce indoor air pollution and improve air quality.

Contact details

For more information contact Rebekah Douglas, Social Impact and Wiggett Academy Manager.