Our business plan 2016-19

Find out about our business plan for 2016-19.

Our aim

By 2019, our members will be independent, private businesses that exist for social good, taking charge of their own destiny and providing the homes the country needs.

The Federation will achieve this by keeping housing associations’ interests central to housing policy development as trusted and respected partners with key decision makers. Being at the centre of decision-making, the 2020 election policy outcomes will hold no shocks for our members.

Our strategic themes

We will focus on three themes, with the sector's 2033 vision, an Ambition to Deliver at the heart of our work.

Ambition to Deliver

Housing associations are independent, innovative, private bodies that exist for social good.

By 2033, they will be:

  • building, maintaining and managing more good quality homes across all tenures and for all ages and income groups
  • investing in economically and socially healthy and resilient communities.

“If you want a great place to live, come to a housing association”

Being the leading voice


We use our collective voice to inspire confidence in housing associations, creating an environment that enables them to provide homes of all types and tenure and contribute to economic growth.



Strengthening our sector

We will work with policy makers and housing associations to create a coherent new economic model of delivery, within a new contractual relationship with Government. This will enable our members to be independent, diverse and efficient organisations, equipped to deliver the outcomes that strengthen their business and work for their communities.


Customer focused, relevant Federation

We will demonstrate a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of our members and, by being fully aware of the external environment, we will add value to our members’ businesses.

We will ensure customer service runs through everything we do, every pound we spend and where we choose to focus our resources to achieve best outcomes for our members.

Commercial services

Our self-funded commercial services will provide members with additional services and benefits across the strategic themes.

We will explore opportunities for greater commercial income and optimise current activities, in line with members’ needs.

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