Board member events

As part of the Federation’s offer for board members, we are continuing our annual programme of events.

Following positive feedback, we’re continuing our successful programme of board member events, which provide opportunities to:

  • hear from experts, decision makers and key stakeholders
  • grow your personal network across the housing sector
  • facilitate peer-to-peer learning to share best practice and innovation
  • develop your knowledge of the housing sector and the political environment
  • improve your technical skills and expertise.

Upcoming board member briefings

24 October, Stansted: Excellence in governance

12 December, London: Understanding and meeting regulatory requirements

If you are unable to attend these events, you can book a place on one of our webinars: 

5 November: Excellence in governance

16 December: Understanding and meeting regulatory requirements

Upcoming board member inductions

12 September, York

3 December, Warrington

5 March 2020, London 

Board member dinners

10 October, York: How can boards drive up supply?

These events are free for board members of housing associations that are members of the National Housing Federation.


We also run a number of conferences throughout the year with content that will be of interest to board members.

25-26 September, National Housing Summit

17 October, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Housing

6-7 November, Smaller Housing Associations’ Conference and Exhibition

3-4 December, Audit and Risk Conference

February 2020, Board Members’ Conference

18-19 March 2020, Housing Finance Conference