Here are our five most read blogs from 2019 – with updates

We’ve taken a look at our most read blogs from the last 12 months and asked the authors what happened next.

James Grant is a Digital Officer at the National Housing Federation

James Grant is a Digital Officer at the National Housing Federation

20 December 2019

1. Housing associations are delivering more new homes – with the trend shifting to social rent (28 March 2019)

Every quarter we survey our membership and release data showing how many homes housing associations are building. Will Jeffwitz delved into the data from the Q3 2018/19 survey results and identified growing trends across the housing market, including a shift to more social rent. The positive trend continued, with results showing that housing associations increased delivery by 10% in 2018/19 compared to the previous year, and increased again in quarter one of this year. However, uncertainty in the wider market and increasing costs have put pressure on future supply, which is why we called for substantial investment in new social housing as part of our general election campaign and have welcomed the new government’s manifesto commitment to renewing the Affordable Homes Programme.

2. We now have a new Act that supports our sector’s ambition of good quality housing for all (20 March 2019)

On 20 March, Karen Buck MP’s Fitness for Human Habitation Act came into force. This important piece of legislation gives renters the right to take action if their property is not fit for habitation. In this blog, Jess Mullins explains that this was a real milestone in the journey to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a good quality home.

3. Join us on our journey to improve diversity and inclusion across the sector, by Kate Henderson (15 August 2019)

In this post, Kate Henderson discusses her experience of unconscious bias, what the Federation is doing to become a more diverse, equal and inclusive place to work, and introduces the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Housing Group. The group was tasked with co-creating a programme of work to drive a shift in culture in delivering inclusive workplaces. We’ve since commissioned the Housing Diversity Network to undertake some research to inform the next steps for the culture change we want to drive within the sector. Watch this space for the research report.

4. What we really need to do to end the housing crisis for good (16 May 2019)

Ahead of an expected Comprehensive Spending Review, Kate Henderson talked here about how important it is that with a political focus on Brexit, we don’t lose sight of other vital domestic issues. With this in mind, we worked with expert researchers to understand the investment needed (£12.8bn every year for 10 years) to fix the housing crisis for good. This work formed the basis of our general election campaign in December.

5. Housing associations are embracing new building methods – but there are challenges to overcome (10 January 2019)

In another post, Will Jeffwitz wrote that increasing numbers of new homes are being built using an offsite technique known as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), but barriers still hold back its potential. At the beginning of 2019, the Homes, Communities and Local Government Select Committee set up an enquiry to look into overcoming the challenges. The Committee published their report later in the year, agreeing with many of our recommendations. And the government then responded reiterating their support for modern methods of construction and innovation in delivery. Meanwhile the Building Better project, launched from the Federation’s Futures programme, has gone from strength to strength this year. Its first new homes are now in delivery, and housing associations are sharing their experiences of successfully delivering MMC projects.

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