How you can support #HousingDay 2019

#HousingDay – an annual celebration of the important role housing associations play in society – is an opportunity for you to highlight the excellent work you do, and the many and various ways you’re making things better for everybody.

Leslie Channon is the organiser of #HousingDay

Leslie Channon is the organiser of #HousingDay

7 October 2019

Tuesday 8 October is #HousingDay 2019 and the theme this year is ‘community investment.’

#HousingDay has always been a celebration of social housing and the important role it plays in improving people's lives. Community investment is one of things housing associations do that has a huge impact but isn’t always recognised. We know there is so much great work happening out there but we don't hear about it enough. #HousingDay is your chance to tell the world what you have been doing.

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in #HousingDay:

Brand up your social media profile

Share your stories

Has someone mentioned what a difference your work has made to them or their community? Let the world know! Tweet about it, or write a blog about it. Or share a quick video on Twitter or YouTube of them telling their story themselves. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #HousingDay so we and others can find your story and amplify the message.

Host a #HousingDay event

This event could be as big or as small as you like but make sure you capture the day and share it online – take photos, livestream it, tweet about it – using the #HousingDay hashtag.

Give your tenants the microphone

Help your tenants to talk about what has worked well for them and what a difference community investment work has had on their community.

Get involved in the debates

Inside Housing are hosting Q&As on Twitter with some of housing’s top brass. So start thinking about your questions. National Housing Federation Chief Executive Kate Henderson will be answering your questions from 11am. 

Follow the #HousingDay hashtag

We’ll be sharing interviews with some of the biggest names in the sector. Retweet, like, reply – it all helps spread the word about the amazing work housing associations are doing in terms of community investment.

And follow us on Twitter: @housingday.

Happy #HousingDay everyone!

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