Our member satisfaction survey – you said, we did

Every year we ask you, our members, for feedback on our performance as a trade body. But what do we do with that data?

Helen Collins is Member and Business Support Manager at the National Housing Federation

Helen Collins is Member and Business Support Manager at the National Housing Federation

23 October 2018

The Federation’s mission is simple: to create the environment for our members to thrive and deliver on their social purpose.

You, our members, are central to everything we do. We want to be confident that we know what’s important to you and what you think of our work.

That’s where our annual member satisfaction survey comes in.

You said

Every year we work with TLF Research, specialists in designing and managing customer experience research programmes, on a member satisfaction survey.

Last year we had the highest ever response rate to our survey. More than 600 people took the time to complete it and gave thoughtful, constructive feedback.

We’ve published a summary of the results (PDF), which told us that overall you’re very satisfied with your membership.

In fact, last year we saw our biggest increase in member satisfaction to date, and the results showed:

  • you were more satisfied than ever with our influence on policy
  • the more you engage with us, the more satisfied you are
  • chief executives are among the most satisfied members
  • board members and board chairs are among the least satisfied.

You also highlighted three key areas you think we can do even better on:

  1. Always putting you at the heart of everything we do.
  2. Being committed to improving the service we deliver to you.
  3. Understanding the challenges you face.

These are, of course, things we try hard to do already. But we want to do better and have been working hard to improve over the past year, particularly in these three critically important areas. Here’s what we’ve done.

We did

Firstly, to put you at the heart of our work, we’re setting out our 'offer' to you. Your organisations are incredibly diverse, and we want to better reflect that in our work by having distinct offers that really resonate with you. We’re launching these over the coming months, and have already started with our offers for board members, rural members, and members in devolved areas.

Secondly, as part of our commitment to improve the service we deliver, we're transforming our digital service and developing a new, personalised housing hub for members. This is a major project due to launch next year, and we’ll keep you updated as it develops as it will significantly improve how you access our resources, and connect with other housing associations.

Thirdly, to understand the challenges you face, we introduced a ‘week with a member’ programme. Over the last year, staff at the Federation have visited housing associations up and down the country. Spending a full week with your teams has given us a deeper understanding of your challenges, and what we can do to support you. I spent a week with Langley House Trust and it was a highly rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Member satisfaction survey 2018

One of the reasons I’m telling you all this is because we’ve reached that time of year again – we’re about to send out our member satisfaction survey for 2018.

This is due out in November, so please keep an eye out for it, but also don’t think of this as your only opportunity to give us feedback.

You’re always welcome to contact me, or a member of the administration team I manage, to ask any questions, provide your feedback, or request contact details for another member of staff at the Federation.

We exist to support you, and we always strive to improve our services, so let us know how we’re doing so we can do even better next year.

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