Why we should all get behind the new shared ownership campaign

It’s now just a matter of weeks until the launch of this exciting new campaign.

Sandy Kelly, Onward Living, and shared ownership campaign steering group member

Sandy Kelly, Onward Living, and shared ownership campaign steering group member

21 August 2019

For those of you who may not be aware, the campaign aims to explain shared ownership with one voice, creating a strong and recognisable brand and to redefine what it is – and what it isn’t. This campaign is something that many of us have been saying needs to happen for a long time and have tried and failed to get off the ground many times, for various reasons.

Despite all of us housing bods talking about how fantastic shared ownership is, we only seemed to be talking amongst ourselves and the message just wasn’t getting out there to Joe Public. So many savvy buyers still dismiss shared ownership without even considering it because they simply don’t understand it. But that is about to change.

Since branding agency DesignStudio came on board back in January 2018, the campaign messaging has been developed with the support of the steering group, but more importantly with continued input from a wide selection of Federation members. It looks great and balances credibility with humour, and we now finally have something that cuts through the jargon and says it as it is. 

This is a unique opportunity for housing associations to be part of a large-scale, digitally-focused, national advertising campaign, linked to a bespoke website and property portal. I have no doubt that it will very quickly have a positive impact and start to increase awareness and understanding of shared ownership amongst the public.

And the key to its continued success will be consistency. It’s so important for us all to come together to get behind the campaign so we can achieve the ultimate dream of creating an honest, strong, consistent and recognisable brand for shared ownership. The campaign will run for a minimum of three years to ensure that it becomes embedded and has sufficient time to really change public perception.

With the support of media agency Adgenda Media International, the campaign will launch in the second week of October. And what better time to launch it? Help to Buy is ending and Savills research shows that we need to build an extra 15,000 shared ownership homes a year to bridge the gap in demand. We are building more shared ownership homes than ever before and this campaign will help us to unlock more affordable homes to those who need them most.

Reasons to sign up

Here’s my five reasons why you should sign up today:

  1. The Federation have written a business case for you to help get internal approval to join the campaign, so you don’t need to worry about spending lots of time preparing one yourself.
  2. By joining the campaign, you get access to the campaign hub which is a dynamic digital toolkit that also contains guidelines for co-branding (see link and login details below).
  3. You can list all of your homes for sale on the national shared ownership portal for free. The portal will be linked to the campaign website so should generate quality traffic from the consumer site to the portal.
  4. The campaign is truly national and not just focused on London. The messaging, media strategy and PR strategy cover various regions and out of the 34 housing associations who have signed up already, 27 are outside of London.
  5. Useful data will be collected by all those signed up and will be used to bust those shared ownership myths and misconceptions and to influence politicians.

By coming together as part of this national campaign, we can set the record straight on shared ownership once and for all.

There's a dedicated section on the Federation's website which provides full details about about the campaign. You can take a look at the campaign hub using the login details below:

For more information please contact Ella Cheney.

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