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Find out how you can get involved with member groups in the North East.

If you have any questions about our groups, contact our External Affairs Manager for the North East:

North East Chief Executives' Forum

This group is open to all housing association chief executives in the region, and acts as a place where chief executives can share information, challenges and expertise on the issues that matter to them. This group meets every quarter.

Development Group

The development group is a long standing group in the North East who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss development and associated issues. The Homes and Communities Agency attend these meetings to update members on the programme but also to discuss any emerging issues and problems with delivery.

The work of this group is especially important in the current environment. The sharing of information and exploration of new initiatives are major benefits of membership of this group.

Chair: Michael Farr, Bernicia Group

Federation contact: Rebecca Slack

Employment and Skills Forum

This group meets on a quarterly basis and has made a huge contribution to the employment of apprentices in the North East. The group exchange best practice and have been very active in the National Employment and Skill Network.

Chair: Tracy O’Neill, Coast and Country Housing

Finance Forum

The primary aims of the forum are to:

  • discuss the latest strategic financial issues
  • discuss technical accounting issues
  • share ideas and experiences on relevant issues
  • canvass views from members and feed back to the Federation and regulators
  • provide support and advice to one another.

This informal group allows those attending to discuss key issues and concerns with peers in similar sized organisations, forming networks that can be useful throughout the year.

Chair: Andrew Malcolm, Thirteen Group  

Financial Inclusion (FINCAN)

The North East Financial Inclusion Group is a very active group promoting best practice throughout the North East. They meet on a quarterly basis but communicate frequently via email.

The agendas cover a range of financial inclusion issues including:

  • Sharing current and planned financial inclusion projects.
  • Updates on local and national activity.
  • Promoting good practice around financial inclusion.

Chair: Cath Michell, FinCan

Health, Care and Support Group

This practitioner group meets on a quarterly basis to discuss issues relating to care and support, and to influence emerging policy. The group covers both older persons’ and specialist accommodation.

Chair: Helen Neal, Thirteen Group 

Human Resources Forum

The human resources interest group is a joint group across the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside. The group meet on a quarterly basis, discussing relevant HR issues. In addition they share best practice, have guest speakers and benchmark key performance information.

Chair: Megan Henderson, Leeds Federated Housing Association

Communications Network

The group meets three to four times a year to discuss the latest PR and communications issues in the North East and nationally. They exchange best practice, hear from guest speakers and discuss the latest developments.

Chair: Sharon Appleby, Gentoo Group

Federation contact: Rose Montgomery

North East Tenant Participation Group

This is a very active group who are looking at scrutiny and best practice, changing role of the regulator, benchmarking, improving communication and training.

Chair: Jeremy Brock, Thirteen Group 

Rural Housing Group

This group brings together rural housing associations (and housing associations with rural stock) from across the North East. They meet with the Homes and Communities Agency, and a major priority is housing development in rural areas.

Chair: Monica Burns, National Housing Federation

Social Enterprise Group

This group brings together associations and some other voluntary organisations and charities to share best practice across the North East, and to try to increase the number of social enterprises operating across the North East.

Chair: Phillip Curran, Derwentside Homes

Welfare Reform Group

This is a very active local interest group which meets regularly to exchange information and discuss the best way to implement the changes to the benefits system.

The group receive regular updates on policy and best practice, not only from within the North East but also nationally.

Chair: Monica Burns, National Housing Federation

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