After the conference

Distributing presentations to attendees

The National Housing Federation will send a link to all speakers’ presentations to delegates to access after the event. Paper copies will not be provided on the day. By submitting your presentation to the organisers, you grant permission for it to be made available to the conference team/delegates and speakers after the event. If any of your presentation is confidential, please ensure you let the organisers know prior to the event.

Travel expenses

All speakers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. It is not the Federation’s policy to pay for speaker accommodation or food but we are able to refund 2nd class rail travel or car mileage @ 0.45p per mile.

A speaker's claim form must be requested and returned with receipts within two weeks of the event taking place. If you are planning to claim expenses, please provide us with an indication of the amount prior to the event, for our budgeting purposes.

If you are planning to claim expenses, please be advised that all travel, including return train tickets, tube fares and car parking tickets are limited to a maximum of £100. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to avoid additional costs.​

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