At the conference

All conference speakers are welcome to attend the conference as our guest – please refer to the programme and let us know by emailing if you are planning to attend and if so to which sessions, so we can reserve your place.   

Upon arrival

  • Please arrive at least 40 minutes prior to your session.
  • Speakers MUST check in at the registration desk when they arrive.
  • Presenters MUST bring a copy of their presentation on a USB stick or other portable storage device as a form of contingency.
  • Each presenter should check in with the session chair and co-speakers at least 15 minutes prior to the session starting. Make sure the chair can introduce you appropriately and knows how to pronounce your name, job title and company. 
  • It is essential that you stay within the allotted time for your presentation.
  • Please ensure that you allow time for Q&A so that our delegates feel heard and the event is as interactive as possible.
  • There will usually be a Speakers Room available throughout the conference, where you can check the presentation and make changes if necessary.
  • Conference attendees will be emailed a link to a PDF version of your presentation after the event.

Please advise if your presentation is not for distribution or if you have an alternative version for circulation.

AV equipment provided in the room

Your presentation will be loaded onto the conference laptops in advance of the event to ensure the smooth running of the day and avoid switching between screens/laptops.

Standard AV equipment provided:

  • Data projector cabled to the conference laptop. (The conference laptops are PC based, Apple platform may not be supported.)
  • Lectern and Lectern microphone - alternatives can usually be provided upon request: lapel mic, hand held mic, table mic
  • Screen
  • PowerPoint software
  • Clicker
  • Handheld microphone for Q&A  from the audience.

Other AV equipment can be provided on request; this request must be made at least 7 days in advance of the event.

Using a personal laptop

If you choose to use a personal laptop, we strongly suggest that you bring an alternative format (i.e. place a version of the presentation on a USB stick) top avoid delays should your laptop experience incompatibilities with the conference data projector. You will also need to bring any special adapters as they are not provided as standard.

PowerPoint hints

  • Format should be set to 16:9 unless otherwise stated by your conference organiser.
  • Avoid complicated visuals that rely on the audience to be able to be read.
  • Make visuals attractive and easy to understand.
  • Make visuals (charts/graphics) large enough to be read by a person sitting on the back row.
  • Text font should be 24pt or above. 18pt will only be sufficient for the first few rows.
  • Be aware of the amount of slides you are using, less is usually more. A rule of thumb is one PowerPoint slide per three minutes of talking. Time yourself in advance to ensure you are able to stick to the time limit.

Here are two resources that you may find helpful:

Contact information

Should you have any further queries regarding the conference proceedings please contact the relevant organiser:

Contact Job title Email address
General event queries
Emma Harrison Event Manager
Laura Sarmiento Event Organiser
Chelsea Fleming Event Organiser
Natasha Adams Event Organiser