The preparation process

Speaker requirements

As a speaker we ask that you:

  • provide a quality presentation that is on the agreed upon topic
  • allocate time for at least one conference call 30 days before the conference with your session chair and/or fellow speakers
  • stick to the time allocated for your session
  • provide your presentation to us in electronic form before the conference.

Please send the following to the conference organiser upon confirmation you are speaking:

  • biography (50-100 words max)
  • headshot (ideally a hi-res colour jpeg at 300 dpi)
  • twitter @handle
  • company logo
  • special dietary or access requirements
  • any specific AV requirements (equipment to give a PowerPoint presentation will be provided as standard).

Briefing call

It is the responsibility of the session chair to arrange a briefing call with the session speakers.

We suggest all speakers email their draft slides to the chair in advance of this conversation, approximately two weeks prior to the event.

Please feel free to use the conference call facility we have set up. Mobiles will be charged 12.5p per minute. 

  1. Everyone should call 0844 4 737373 (from UK landline) or 87373 (from UK mobile) at the pre-arranged time.
  2. Then enter PIN 449495 to start.

Uploading your final presentation

  • you will be required to upload your final presentation to the cloud
  • the link will be sent to you by the conference organiser nearer to the event date
  • should your presentation contain videos please embed them and upload the files separately indicating which presentation they belong to
  • if you need to edit the presentation this can be done up until the week the presentation is due to be given, please re-upload to the site and remove the old version.

Please label your presentation as follows: Firstname Surname, Title of session, Draft or Final
e.g. Martin Smith, How to label a presentation, Draft.

Contact information

Should you have any further queries regarding the conference proceedings please contact the relevant organiser:

Contact Job title Email address
General event queries
Emma Harrison Event Manager
Laura Sarmiento Event Organiser
Chelsea Fleming Event Organiser
Natasha Adams Event Organiser