Housing Futures

Collaborating to tackle housing’s biggest challenges

Housing Futures is the second and even more ambitious stage of the Federation's award-winning innovation programme.

This is the biggest collaborative exercise ever undertaken by our sector, with housing associations across the UK coming together to learn by doing.

Why Housing Futures?

Our world is changing. Globalisation, rapid technological advances, an ageing population as well as a new political environment - all contribute to the unprecedented challenges we face as a sector.

If we are to respond and adapt to this changing world, then we need to think and do things differently. 

We’re building a greater culture of collaboration into our work as a sector; investing in our people, building new capabilities and finding new solutions to our shared strategic challenges.

Housing associations have always turned society's challenges into opportunities to improve people's lives, and through Housing Futures we can achieve this, together.

The story so far

Over the last two years we have achieved so much together. More than 450 people from over 250 housing associations have collaborated to create new solutions to some of housing's biggest challenges

Through this work, we've built new innovation capabilities by investing in our people, and have fostered an even greater culture of collaboration and innovation in our sector - both of which are critical to delivering on our social purpose in a fast-changing world.

As we begin this programme of work, we want every housing association in the country, of all sizes, to benefit from working together on a sector-wide scale to tackle our shared challenges.

The next phase

We're going to hit the ground running in 2020 with our new programme of activity.

Tell us what your region should focus on

The first stage of Housing Futures will focus on the key challenges that require innovative solutions. We want to hear from you: what are the big challenges that your organisation is facing? What do you think the sector needs to tackle?

Submit your thoughts by 31 January 2020. Criteria for suggestions are explained in detail on the submission page.

Your regional steering group will decide which of these suggestions will become the focus for the Housing Futures programme in your region.