Bristol needs a Mayor for Homes

Bristol is in the midst of a worsening housing crisis. We need more homes of all types to help people onto the property ladder and to ensure there are enough affordable homes for those who need them.

Bristol is widely regarded as a great place to live, having been voted by the Sunday Times in 2014 as the best city in which to live. However, with demand for homes increasingly outstripping supply, rising rents and house prices are pushing the market beyond the reach of local people – particularly those on lower or average incomes.

The issues in Bristol

  • Between 2011 and 2014 3,738 too few homes were built in Bristol.
  • Owning a home is a dream for many in the city due to the rising costs. An income of £53,839 is required to secure a typical 80% mortgage, meaning the average Bristolian would need an annual payrise of nearly £30,000 to buy a home.
  • Private rents are expensive too; on average it costs £814 a month to rent a home privately, this swallows up nearly half of people’s wages.
  • By 2030 it is targeted that there will be an additional 95,000 jobs in Bristol and the surrounding areas. To support these we need a supply of homes to meet the demand.

Bristol is ready to build

In the run up to the mayoral election on 5 May 2016, the Bristol Mayor for Homes campaign brought together key partners from across the city, with the shared aim of galvanising Bristol's next mayor to work with us to tackle the housing crisis head on. The coalition behind the campaign are now working with Bristol's new Mayor to tackle housing issues in the city. The campaign partners include housing associations, representatives of the business community, and important advocate agencies for tenants. We are calling for a commitment to real change.

The solution

Bristol needs a Mayor for Homes to ensure that 2,000 new homes are built each year for the length of the next mayoral term. 700 of these need to be affordable homes.

Ahead of the election, we asked the next mayor to commit to the following:

  • Produce an action plan within your first 100 days as mayor to get Bristol building, including at least 2,800 new affordable homes by the end of your term to help meet the needs of Bristolians.
  • Take practical steps to help private renters in Bristol, particularly when it comes to secure tenancies and protection from bad living conditions.

Building a better Bristol in partnership

Housing associations, together with business and community organisations, can bring forward the development of homes, as well as providing crucial private investment and the skills and expertise needed to solve the housing crisis in Bristol.

We know the issues facing Bristol and we know what solutions are needed. We now need clear action from the next mayor to deliver on these solutions and solve the housing crisis in Bristol. Bristol needs a Mayor for Homes.

You can help