Homes for Britain at party conferences

The campaign got off to a great start with a successful first milestone, Party Conferences.

More than 80 events run by over 50 organisations took place under the Homes for Britain banner at the three main political party conferences. That is every housing event run by a housing organisation. Every minister, shadow minister or spokesperson with responsibility for housing spoke at a Homes for Britain event.

The campaign has already had a real impact with Labour and the Liberal Democrats. At the Federation’s annual conference, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds said “I very much welcome your campaign Homes for Britain and your specific call for the next Government to have a long-term plan to tackle the housing crisis within a generation…if we win the next general election I want to work with you as a sector to achieve it.”

At the Liberal Democrats conference, a motion was passed to call for the development of a long term plan which would be published within the first year of the next Parliament, setting out how the party would deliver its objective of building 300,000 homes a year by 2020.

We are making progress with the Conservatives, but need your help to really drive the message home. If you haven't already, please nominate a campaign champion for your organisation who can help us take the message to politicians.