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Support our campaign against unfair benefit changes which could cut the income of housing association residents by around £728 a year.

BBC News: Disabled people fear housing benefit changes

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Please promote this campaign action to your colleagues and residents. A number of housing associations have promoted this page via tenants' newsletters, intranets and websites.

From April 2013, the Government plans to penalise social housing tenants on Housing Benefit who have rooms which are not used as bedrooms. This proposal will push thousands of people living in social housing into hardship or out of their homes.

How will this affect tenants?

The proposed change will affect an estimated 670,000 people living in social housing who are of working-age and claim Housing Benefit.

It will hit people with people with disabilities hardest.

Housing association tenants are expected to lose around £728 a year, based on an average cut of £14 per week.

We are concerned that this proposal will push people into hardship or to move home.

There is a national shortage of affordable housing, the Government should prioritise building more homes rather than penalising existing tenants.

Raise these concerns with your MP

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