A Plan for Homes

Building on the momentum of Homes for Britain in pushing housing up the political agenda, our job now is to ensure the Government keeps its commitment to deliver a plan to end the housing crisis – and that housing associations are their key partner.

We’ve been talking to members around the country about what would make the biggest difference to housing associations and help us achieve the goals set out in our vision, An Ambition to Deliver. Members told us that the challenges around investment and land are a priority for action, and that they need greater control over their businesses to be able to do more for current and future tenants.

These ideas form the basis of A Plan for Homes, a statement of intent that sets out what housing associations could deliver if the external environment were right.

The recent Budget announcements have added to an already challenging environment and make the goals in A Plan for Homes more difficult to achieve. A Plan for Homes is an illustration of what could have been, and what still can be, if the Government works with housing associations to achieve their ambitions.

It is a vivid portrait of how bold, effective and valuable housing associations are, and will help us maintain that crucial positive narrative alongside the difficult conversations we are having with the Government.

Promoting A Plan for Homes

If you are meeting with MPs or local stakeholders A Plan for Homes is a valuable tool that you can use to promote housing associations’ positive offer to the Government.

You can download a copy of the document, but please let us know if you would like to be sent printed copies to use in your meetings.

We’ve also created a short video that explains the main ideas and a series of infographics to use on social media or in presentations.