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What next?

The Ambition to Deliver is more relevant than ever. Our job now is to tell the wider world about it and work together to make it a reality.

Spread the word

The Federation’s recent Owning our Future perceptions audit revealed that that politicians want housing associations to be clear about their vision and mission. That’s exactly what Ambition to Deliver does – we just need to share it with politicians and other key stakeholders.

We’re asking every housing association to set up a meeting with their local MPs and take along a copy of the refreshed Ambition to Deliver to talk them through. If you need copies of the publication, get in touch, and check out our best practice guides for engaging with politicians.

Debate what makes a great place to live

Making the Ambition to Deliver a reality is all about creating great places to live. So what does this really mean? We’ll be publishing more think pieces and analysis here over the coming weeks to stimulate debate, and will be setting up roundtables to discuss this with members. These will provide an opportunity for the housing associations of all kinds – from the smallest to the largest, specialist, developing, traditional and stock transfer – to discuss what a great place to live means for them and their communities. If you’d like to contribute to the debate online or in person, get in touch.