Engaging with politicians and government: 1,000 Conversations

Housing associations are a crucial part of the solution to the housing crisis. Tell that story to your local MPs and decision makers.

In the run up to the election, housing associations came together on an unprecedented scale through Homes for Britain to make the case for housing. Having won the argument that there is a housing crisis, our next challenge is to ensure decision makers understand that housing associations are a crucial part of the solution. 

The Federation has been making that case nationally with ministers and civil servants on a regular basis since the election. Many housing associations have been doing the same, and our united message to government is having an impact. But we need everyone’s help to make sure that our sector’s story is told and heard at the local level.

Get involved in 1,000 Conversations

1,000 Conversations is a major sector-wide push to make that happen. We have a window of opportunity over the coming months to ensure decision makers understand the crucial work of housing associations. We’ve set the sector an ambitious target – 1,000 conversations with MPs, influential councillors and opinion formers by the end of the year.

This will start with a major push over recess. We want every housing association to get in touch with their local MPs to promote not just your organisation, but the whole sector, listen to their views about associations and talk about the impact in individual constituencies of the Government’s recent housing announcements. 

Resources to help you

If you only read one thing, take a look at this briefing which suggests what to discuss with your local MP or politician, gives you some key messages to cover and provides further information on some of the more challenging points which could be raised.

We have useful information to help you prepare for your meetings with MPs:

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As well as being useful for your own organisation, the intelligence you learn from your meetings with MPs across the country will be vital to the Federation as we continue to develop our lobbying strategies on all of the issues that affect you.

Please share how these meetings went with us, and pass on any insights you might have about your MP’s views – whatever they are - so we can make a real impact in Parliament. Together we can ensure 1,000 Conversations become one clear message from the housing association sector.