Political developments - latest member briefings

These briefings are for keeping members up to date with the latest political developments and the Federation’s political engagement in order to prepare you for meeting MPs.

The Government and Opposition – Key figures

This briefing is a members’ guide to who’s who in Government and Opposition. Please contact the Public Affairs Team if your local MP is in a Ministerial or prominent Opposition role.

Welfare Reform and Work Bill - the 1% rent reduction

The Bill is now passing through the House of Lords. Second reading takes place on 17 November. We are calling for an amendment to the Bill which will exempt specified accommodation (a type of supported housing) from the 1% rent reduction. Read this briefing, which was sent to Peers in advance of the debate, and these case studies from a range of organisations which support this amendment. 

Housing Bill

The Housing and Planning Bill was published on the 13 October and will receive its second reading on the 2 November. This briefing provides members with an overview of the key measures included in the Bill and their implications for the sector.

Comprehensive Spending Review

Our submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review will be helpful in making the case for Housing Associations’ role as partners of government. It focuses on the constructive relationship the sector wants to have with the Government on tackling the housing crisis and the need for continued long-term investment, access to land at a fair price for affordable housing, and greater freedoms on rents. This package of positive measures is crucial to support the sector in delivering more houses and helping to mitigate the challenging operating environment.

The Government will make its announcement on the Spending Review on 25 November. Until then we will be talking to MPs, officials and other key stakeholders about the conditions housing associations need to make the fullest contribution possible to ending the housing crisis.

Summer Budget

This briefing sets out the main policies announced in the 2015 Summer Budget and their impact on housing associations and their tenants. These include the 1% reduction of social rents and the lowering of the benefit cap. The briefing also provides members with information on how to approach these topics with your local MP. 

The Queen's Speech

The Queen’s Speech took place on 27 May and set out the Government’s legislative agenda for the year ahead.

A Plan for Homes and An Ambition to Deliver

A Plan for Homes and An Ambition to Deliver provide members with facts and figures on why housing associations are key partners for government in ending the housing crisis. Giving local examples of what your housing association has achieved will help to get this message across to MPs and will demonstrate the strengths of the housing association sector and that we are can-do organisations.