Meet with your local politicians to share our story

At its heart, building relationships is simple. It’s about getting to know your local partners and making sure they understand not just your business, but the sector you’re part of.

The first and easiest step you can take is to arrange a meeting with your local MPs and take along a copy of the refreshed Ambition to Deliver, which sets out our shared story and vision for politicians.

We’ve also developed some best practice guides to help you make the most of meetings with politicians and engage more creatively.

If your role involves meeting with politicians regularly, why not join our Public Affairs Network?

Tell us how it went

As well as being useful for your organisation, what you learn from meetings with MPs is vital to the Federation, as we continue to lobby on all of the issues that affect housing associations across the country. So, please share how these meetings went with us. In return, we would be happy to provide you with any background on our engagement, or insights into that MP’s views, if you get in touch before your meeting. What you tell us will be confidential: we won’t share your intelligence with others outside the Federation unless you say that we can.