Backing up our story with evidence

Housing associations do fantastic work across the country – but we don’t always have the evidence to back that up.

There’s now a range of new tools to change that. These are free for all Federation members to use whenever and wherever they might be useful in telling the sector’s story.

Demonstrating our contribution to new supply

The perceptions audit showed that politicians of both right and left think housing associations’ primary role is building new homes. That’s something we’re already doing at scale – but, until recently, we didn’t have comprehensive data to prove it. Existing data from the Government doesn’t capture all homes built outside of government investment programmes and so doesn’t give a complete picture.

To truly evidence the amount housing associations build, the sector has started compiling its own build figures via a quarterly Federation survey. Every quarter, we’ll be asking members to send us data on the number of homes they are building. We’ll share the results with ministers and advisors across government including No10 and Treasury so we can to demonstrate the important role housing associations are playing in building the homes the country needs.

Read the first briefing on these figures.

Housing Counts

Housing Counts is a new tool from the Federation, bringing together relevant housing data from a range of sources into one place for members to explore. It contains easy-to-use data queries for popular topics as well as a more detailed range of data sets allowing members to compare different geographies and areas of interest.

The tool will be regularly updated as new data sets are released to provide the most accurate data available.

Local Economic Impact Calculator

Housing associations are key drivers of economic growth and have a huge impact on the local communities where they operate, adding value to the UK economy and supporting thousands of jobs. It’s essential to make this case to both local and national politicians, especially with devolution continuing apace.

The Federation’s Local Economic Impact Calculator is a free, easy-to-use tool available to all members. It allows housing associations to estimate the economic impact of:

  • building new affordable homes in their area, simply by inputting a given number of homes
  • their day-to-day activity, calculated either by the number homes managed or turnover
  • the activity of housing associations as a whole within a given area.