Campaign partners

To help the Federation shape and deliver the campaign, we’ve partnered with leaders in each of their chosen fields. 

Since January 2018, we’ve been working with global branding agency DesignStudio to explore shared ownership as a product and also the experience. Together we’ve done extensive engagement with housing associations and the public (across the country) to explore the challenges and opportunities of the campaign. With DesignStudio, we’ve delivered a creative solution designed to raise the profile of shared ownership and bust those myths and misconceptions.

At the start of the year, we appointed Property Booking to work with the Federation; specifically looking at the customer journey. Together we’ve built a website for the public which explains what shared ownership is (and isn’t). Once the customer is fully informed about shared ownership, if they think it could be right for them, they then have the opportunity to search and view homes in their area on the Property Booking portal which will link from our site. This is where campaign supporters can list their properties free of charge, and be an opportunity to generate quality enquiries for your homes.

To help us launch the shared ownership campaign to the public, we appointed media agency Adgenda Media International (AMI) at the start of the year. AMI clearly demonstrated the importance of building brand awareness for this campaign and by working with us and also conducting their own research, have devised a media schedule to raise the profile of shared ownership across many key audience groups and locations in the country.

As well as paid-for media, we know PR will be a hugely valuable vehicle to help us tell the shared ownership story and to set the record straight on the product. To run the PR activity, we’ve partnered with Camargue who are helping us to secure national and local media coverage, with an aim to tell the different stories and sides of shared ownership and to explain the benefits / bust those misconceptions of the product, so that everyone can make an informed decision if it’s right for them.