Campaign journey

Read more about why we’re doing this campaign and our plans to give shared ownership the profile it deserves.

With a nationwide boom in the building of shared ownership homes and a whole generation locked out of the housing market, there’s never been a better time for us to spread the word about shared ownership and help more people find their perfect home.

Housing associations have been providing shared ownership for decades, but awareness and understanding among the public is not as high as it deserves to be, and there are misconceptions about it that need to be tackled.

Right now, associations are delivering more shared ownership than ever before, so we believe this is the perfect time to take an ambitious look at this great product.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign to explain shared ownership with one voice, creating a strong, consistent and recognisable brand, and redefining what it is – and isn’t.

What are the challenges of the campaign?

We’ve been working with our members as well as speaking to the public, and partnered with branding agency DesignStudio to identify the three biggest challenges facing shared ownership:

  1. awareness – people haven’t heard of it
  2. understanding – people have the wrong perception of it
  3. experience – once in, people love it, but the path getting to it could be better.

We believe that if we can overcome these three issues we can end the confusion around shared ownership and make it a product that’s fit for the future.

The journey we have identified includes:

  • clarifying the challenges
  • overcoming the challenges
  • setting up a steering group
  • appointing agencies and experts
  • asking members to join.

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