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What is shared ownership?

Despite shared ownership being around for over 30 years, it's confusing to many people, or they have simply not heard about it. It's our challenge to get the message across.

Shared ownership is a Government-supported scheme, primarily offered by housing associations, which enables people to buy a share of a property.

The share bought is between 25% and 75% with the customer then paying a subsidised rent on the remaining share. Through shared ownership, thousands of people have been able to own the home of their dreams. 

This definition leads to many questions so we want to make it simpler for the public to understand shared ownership and housing associations' role in supporting people to get a place to call home.

There is now a perfect opportunity for us to make this happen as there is a nationwide boom in the building of shared ownership homes. More new shared ownership homes are planned for the next five years than have been built over the past thirty. 

As a whole generation is locked out of the housing market, shared ownership could become the tenure of choice for many and at different stages of their life.