Board member national group

This group provides strategic input to help shape and inform the Federation’s work in supporting board members in their role. We deliver this through our offer for board members.

The board member national group was established in October 2018, shortly after the launch of our offer for board members.

The group provides insight to inform the future development of our work with board members and meets three times a year.

Members of the group

  • Alison Inman, Colne Housing and Saffron Housing Trust
  • Alan Lewin, Hundred Houses Society
  • Brian Aird, Westward Housing
  • Debbie Roche, Plymouth Community Homes
  • Grainne Heselwood, Salix Homes (chair)
  • Hilda Kaponda, South Lakes Housing
  • Jack Gould, Ashton Pioneer
  • John Giesen, Providence Row Housing Association
  • Judith Common, County Durham Housing Group
  • Linda Nash, LiveWest Homes
  • Mark Lewis, Trent and Dove Housing
  • Maureen Hopcroft, Women’s Pioneer Housing