National Smaller Housing Associations Group

Find out about our National Smaller Housing Associations group.

The National Smaller Housing Associations Group was established and exists to:

  • support us in developing and testing new policy ideas
  • ensure that we see every new issue through the critical lens of smaller associations
  • support us in engaging our wider membership of smaller associations in these debates
  • inform our responses to government and other key stakeholders
  • provide constructive challenge to Federation thinking

If you want to find out more about this group please contact Helen Collins, Member and Business Support Manager, 0161 817 5374.

Join the group

We are currently recruiting for new members to join our national smaller housing associations group. Smaller housing associations play a vital role across the country, delivering community-based, localised, innovative solutions to the housing crisis and helping bring forward new supply. This group helps develop and test new policy ideas and ensures we see sector-wide issues through the lens of smaller associations. At such a critical time for the sector the Federation is keen to hear from experienced and passionate leaders from across the country.

For more information on the group please view the terms of reference. To apply please complete an application form and return to Helen Collins by Friday 23 November.

If you have any questions about the group or process, please contact Helen Collins. If you have any questions regarding the work we are doing with smaller housing associations, please contact Monica Burns.

Members of the group

  • Raife West, Chief Executive, Havant Housing Association (Chair)
  • Neil Armstrong, Head of Finance, Hundred Houses Society
  • Susan Daniels, Chief Executive, Bexley Community Housing Association
  • John Delahunty, Chief Executive, Innisfree
  • Mandy Elliott, Chief Executive, Crosby
  • Tracy Evans, Chief Executive, Sussex Housing & Care
  • Angela Gascoigne, Chief Executive, SHAL Housing
  • John Ghader, Chief Executive, Prima Group
  • Donna Johnson, Chief Executive, South Western Housing Society
  • Diana Kingdon, Chief Executive, Greenoak Housing
  • Peter Moore, Chief Executive, Cornwall Rural
  • Denise Rajchel, Chief Executive, PHA Homes
  • Claire Warren, Chief Executive, Pickering and Ferens Homes (PFH)