Consultation on a New Homes Ombudsman

The Government has committed to legislating so that developers of market tenure homes must belong to a New Homes Ombudsman, and is currently consulting on the details of how such an Ombudsman would work.

7 August 2019

This proposal is a response to the perceived failure of industry-led schemes to protect the interests of homebuyers and would apply to new home purchased directly from developers.

It is not currently intended to cover existing homes, new affordable homes or those purchased through agents. It is relevant to housing associations developing market homes for cross-subsidy, however.

The consultation poses detailed questions about how a new Ombudsman would work, including:

  • the standards it should uphold
  • how it would be funded and accessed
  • what its powers of redress – including enforcement – should be.

The Government proposes to bring forward a voluntary code of practice ahead of legislation.

The consultation closes on 22 August. If any members would like to contact us about this, or need any further information, please contact Duncan Neish.