Improvements to Universal Credit and a new final deadline of 2023

The Government has introduced changes that will protect severely disabled people on Universal Credit, and announced that roll-out will now be completed by 2023.

7 June 2018

Esther McVey, Secretary of State at Department for Work and Pensions, has announced significant reform to Universal Credit and changes to the roll-out timetable. The most notable reform will ensure that severely disabled people on Universal Credit will not lose out. 

The Severe Disability Premium is worth up to £58 per week, and up till now people who moved from the existing system to Universal Credit through a change of circumstance lost this money. People who lost out will now be reimbursed and people who receive the premium will not be moved onto Universal Credit until full transitional protection is in place.

The announcement also gives the commitment that people moving off Universal Credit for a short-term period will be able to retain their transitional protection. The Federation has long argued that it is wrong that people should lose out because of Universal Credit. This announcement goes some way to rectifying the injustice experienced by some disabled people. 

In order to implement these changes, full roll-out will now be completed by March 2023.

The DWP has written to us setting out all the changes in full detail.

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