New building safety learning forums

In February, we’re running building safety learning forums in collaboration with the Local Government Association across London, Birmingham and Manchester.

11 December 2018

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower must act as a catalyst for meaningful and long-lasting change. That’s why we’re collaborating with the Local Government Association to host building safety learning forums across the country, to reflect on the cultural and practical changes organisations can make right now to the way we keep tall and complex buildings safe.

These forums will support housing leaders to share best practice and think about the ways in which individual organisations, and the sector as a whole, can lead the way on building and resident safety. Attendees will hear from:

  • the MHCLG team leading the implementation of the Hackitt Review
  • early adopter organisations that are piloting and testing new ways of working
  • forward-thinking teams from housing associations and local authorities that are adapting in light of the Hackitt review, and innovating to keep their residents safe.

If you work for a housing association or local authority, you can book your free place now at one of three forums:

If you have any questions about these forums, email our Events team or call 020 7067 1066.