Together with Tenants – sign up to become an early adopter

Let us know by 8 April if you would like to be part of our early adopter programme.

3 April 2019

When we launched our Together with Tenants draft plan on 20 February, we called on housing associations to sign up to our early adopter programme. By participating, housing associations commit to testing our plan with their tenants and residents.

Nearly 100 housing associations have now signed up to the programme. If you are considering becoming an early adopter, please email us to confirm by 8 April.

What does being an early adopter mean?

Early adopters will test the Together with Tenants proposals once they have been refined following our consultation, which is open until 19 April. In particular, they will test the implementation, scrutiny of, and reporting against, the Together with Tenants charter.

As an early adopter, we will encourage you to share your experiences with other early adopters, work closely with your tenants and residents throughout the process, and champion this work in the sector and externally.

Testing the proposals will begin when we have revised the plan using feedback from the consultation. In the meantime, we will be encouraging early adopters to take the following actions:

  • If you haven’t already, share your views by 19 April on our draft plan – and encourage your tenants and residents to do the same.
  • Speak to your tenants, staff and board to consider what being an early adopter will mean for your organisation.
  • Champion Together with Tenants with political stakeholders and ask them how it can work for them. We can provide resources to use with MPs and councillors – please get in touch if you’d like these.
  • Endorse the Together with Tenants draft plan with other associations and across your networks. We will provide you with a graphic that you can share and use. 

We are in the process of commissioning a third-party contractor to run this process. The contractor will work closely with you to shape the testing process, report on successes and challenges, and ensure learning is captured and shared.

The in-depth research group

Once the contractor is in place, we will work with them to select a smaller group of early adopters to join our ‘in-depth research group’. This is so we can understand the implications of adopting the plan across the diversity of our members and test the charter process in different, very specific circumstances.

This will involve a more in-depth relationship with the contractor and could require a bigger commitment of resources from you. We aren’t yet in a position to confirm the details of this process until we have a contract in place, but if your organisation would be interested in being involved, please let us know.

How do I sign up or find out more?

If you would like to be part of the early adopter programme, please let us know by 8 April.

If you are considering joining, but unsure what it would mean for your organisation, please get in touch to discuss it further.

Once the contractor is in place, we will share further information about the early adopter process and how we will support you.