Working with the Government to boost supply

How we’re working with the Government to help our members build more homes.

7 February 2019

Last week, Homes England announced eight new partnerships with housing associations in the third wave of its strategic partnership programme. The programme, which launched in April 2018 has so far seen almost £1.8bn committed to a total of 23 partnerships with 28 housing associations. These partnerships should deliver more than 39,000 new homes by 2022.

This latest wave of partnerships marks the end of the first phase of the programme. Now Homes England is seeking further engagement to better understand housing associations’ needs – including through a roundtable discussion and bilateral meetings with associations that have expressed an interest in becoming a strategic partner.

We want to ensure that ambitious housing associations of all sizes can benefit from any future support from Homes England. To ensure this happens, the Federation has called on the Government to:

  • Commit the £2bn funding quickly and make it broadly available: making this funding, which was announced by the Prime Minister at our National Housing Summit in September, available quickly and broadly across the sector will increase the potential for impact and learning.
  • Use the Spending Review to go further with the sector: the Comprehensive Spending Review due later this year is an opportunity to secure a transformative commitment to housing and regeneration across the country. We’ll be sharing more about this work shortly. 
  • Help us keep building through uncertainty: economic uncertainty around Brexit is making development harder but with the right government support, housing associations can continue building through market fluctuations. Read more in our Brexit briefing.

Take part in the sector conversation on supply

Last month we launched a sector-wide conversation about building more homes – and we want to hear from members. If you haven’t already, please book your place on one of the following events:

If you want to share your thoughts on any of this work, please get in touch with Will Jeffwitz.