Help us with our response to the government consultation on phasing out the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid

28 October 2021

In the Heat and buildings strategy the government identifies the importance of reducing emissions from homes that are off the gas grid which, at present, are usually powered by high carbon fuels like oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or coal.

The government is therefore consulting on their proposals which include:

  • A ban on installing new fossil fuel heating systems in homes off the gas grid from 2026.
  • A 'heat pump first' approach for new heating systems in these homes from 2026.
  • High performance replacement heating systems where heat pumps are not feasible.

We know this will be of particular interest to our members in rural areas, but also members with a high number of homes off the gas grid.

We’re keen to hear your feedback on the detail of the consultation by Friday 10 December. We’d also welcome further discussion with members on the details of these changes.

Who to speak to

Rory Hughes