Coronavirus guidance for shared or overcrowded housing

11 March 2021

The government has published guidance on how to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in accommodation with shared facilities and in overcrowded accommodation.

Although the guidance is mainly for residents, it has some specific guidelines for landlords and landlords can share it with residents where appropriate. The guidance encourages residents and landlords to work together wherever possible to support social distancing and minimise risk.

Minimising infection in buildings with shared facilities

The guidance makes the following recommendations for housing with shared spaces:

Minimising infection in overcrowded housing

The guidance recommends more frequent hand-washing, cleaning with specific instructions for kitchens and bathrooms, and ventilation for people living in overcrowded housing. There is specific guidance for people in a household with different generations living together.

The guidance says that if residents think their property has a serious overcrowding hazard that affects their ability to follow coronavirus guidance, they should contact their local authority who can instruct landlords to find a solution to serious overcrowding hazards.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Officer