Domestic Abuse Act statutory guidance: share your views

18 August 2021

The Home Office is seeking views on the draft statutory guidance for implementing the definition of domestic abuse.

The key objectives of the guidance are to:

  • Provide clear information on what domestic abuse is in order to assist with its identification.
  • Provide guidance and support to frontline professionals, who have responsibilities for safeguarding and supporting victims of domestic abuse. For example this could be through outlining relevant strategic and operational frameworks.
  • Improve the institutional response to domestic abuse by conveying best practice and standards for commissioning responses.

Read more about the consultation on the government’s website.

 Many of our members provide support and accommodation for domestic abuse survivors. We encourage members to respond to the consultation directly to ensure that members’ views represented.

The consultation closes on 14 September 2021 at 11.45pm.

Who to speak to

Evelyn Williams, Policy Officer