Government grants available for electric vehicle chargepoints

27 April 2022

There has been a huge surge in electric vehicle (EV) sales in recent years. EVs now outsell diesel cars and the second-hand market is taking off. In 2030 every new car sold will be a zero emission vehicle. At home is where EV owners want to charge their car and property websites are increasingly featuring EV chargepoints in listings. Having an EV chargepoint at home is becoming a highly desirable – if not essential – feature for many of us, including social housing tenants.

Social housing landlords can claim up to 100% of the costs as a capital allowance. Some of the expenditure may also qualify for the new super deduction, equating to a 130% enhanced deduction of the total cost.

The government is also providing help with the upfront costs. For a limited time, grants of up to £350 are available to cover the cost of buying and installing a chargepoint. A grant is available for each parking space provided with a chargepoint socket, with up to 200 grants available per year per landlord. For landlords owning apartment blocks, additional funding will be available later in the year to help kit out an entire residential carpark with chargepoints. Landlords will need to be registered with Companies House or have a VAT number to qualify.

The government has provided guidance on how to apply for the EV chargepoint grant. In addition to this guidance, the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles at the Department for Transport recommends the following:

Who to speak to

Kevin Garvey, Head of Member Relations