New funding available for rough sleeper accommodation

25 March 2021

The government have now launched the prospectus and are inviting submissions for future years of the Rough Sleeper Accommodation Programme (RSAP).

We have been working closely with MHCLG to ensure member’s views are heard. In response, MHCLG are making it a requirement for organisations who submit a bid to collaborate closely with local stakeholders. This includes housing associations (and other registered providers), support providers, voluntary and charity organisations, health and social care commissioners and providers, probation services and service users. Evidence of meaningful collaboration with local stakeholders will be scrutinised as part of the assessment process. Housing associations (and other registered providers) can lead a bid for a specific scheme as part of an overall proposal. Housing associations should contact their relevant local authorities to collaborate in the development of local RSAP proposals and bids.

The government is running several bidding cycles. Proposals and bids should be submitted by either 29 April, 1 July or 2 September 2021.

Useful resources

MHCLG have produced specific guidance on types of lettings permitted under the scheme and the possible changes to allocations policies needed to make this happen. They have also published information on the like-for-like replacement of units that may need to happen if tenancies are longer than stipulated.

Online events

To find out more about the launch of MHCLG’s Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme, organisations can attend an online event introducing the programme. The events, hosted by MHCLG and Homes England, will give an overview of the programme and outline the process to access funding.

The nine online events will be hosted from the 25-31 March. Although listed by region, you are welcome to attend any of the events as the programme will be the same.

To attend, please register online.

Thursday 25 March 10am – 12pm East Midlands
Thursday 25 March 1pm – 3pm North East
Friday 26 March 10am – 12pm South East 1
Friday 26 March 1pm – 3pm East of England
Monday 29 March 10am – 12pm North West
Monday 29 March 1pm – 3pm Yorkshire and Humber
Tuesday 30 March 10am – 12pm South West
Tuesday 30 March 1pm – 3pm South East 2
Wednesday 31 March 10am – 12pm West Midlands