Government ban on combustible materials

06 December 2018

The Government has set out details of their ban on the use of combustible materials in buildings over 18m in height.

New regulations, laid before Parliament on 29 November, limit the use of any materials used on the external walls of a tall building to European fire rating of Class A1 or A2. This ban will apply to buildings planned for and constructed after 29 November.

The Government has also set out a list of exempted items for which there are currently no non-combustible alternatives.

Full details are available on the Government’s website.

The Government has also given local authorities the power and financial support to remove and replace unsafe cladding on private buildings. Local authorities will then be expected to recoup the costs from building owners. Further information is available online.

For more information about this ban, or the Federation’s work on building and fire safety, please contact Lucy Grove.