Government consults on reforms to social housing allocations

20 February 2024

The government is currently consulting on plans to amend the rules around social housing allocations through their consultation on reforms to social housing allocations.  
The consultation proposes a series of changes to the allocations system and looks to prioritise those who have a strong connection to the UK. It aims to introduce measures to address anti-social behaviour or terrorism offences.  
At the NHF, we believe everyone in this country has a right to a safe, secure place to live. We want to make sure our members can continue to support the communities they serve across the country access safe and secure homes.   

What does the consultation propose? 

The consultation is seeking views from the sector on the following reforms to the social housing allocation process: 

  • UK connection test – a person must demonstrate their connection to the UK before they can be allocated social housing. 
  • Local connection test – a person must demonstrate a connection to a local area for at least 2 years before they can be allocated social housing. 
  • Income test – setting thresholds for applicants and those on a waiting list to qualify for social housing. 
  • Anti-social behaviour test – people who have unspent convictions for certain criminal anti-social behaviour, as well as certain civil sanctions, will be disqualified from social housing for a defined period. 
  • Terrorism test – terrorist offenders with unspent convictions will not qualify for social housing unless excluding them would increase the risk to public safety. 
  • Grounds for eviction (anti-social behaviour and terrorist offences) – implementing a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy for repeat offenders of anti-social behaviour, and creating a new ground for eviction for terrorist offences. 
  • Fraudulent declaration test - mandating a period of disqualification for those who knowingly or recklessly make false statements when applying for social housing. 
  • Applicants on a waiting list – applying the new eligibility and qualification tests not only to new applicants but also to those currently on a social housing waiting list. 

We will be responding to this consultation on behalf of the sector. If you’d like to submit your views on this consultation, please email us at by 8 March 2024. 

Who to speak to

Laura Magezi, Policy Leader