Help your council shape their rough sleeping funding plans before 25 February

21 January 2022

Local authorities are currently developing plans that will shape homelessness services for the next three years. Housing associations can, and should engage now to share best practice and help shape those services with accommodation and support services.

The government’s Rough Sleeping Initiative (RSI) funding allows councils and their partners to deliver services to reduce rough sleeping. Unlike previous settlements, this RSI is a multi-year settlement providing much-needed stability to providers. Importantly, local authorities are also expected to involve partners in designing and co-producing their RSI proposals, evidenced through a self-assessment pro forma. They are expected to show how they will support recovery and make sure people don’t return to the streets. This can be achieved though long-term accommodation and support.

Housing associations may have accommodation available and ideas on how to shape the local rough sleeping response. It is therefore a crucial time to ensure that you share your accommodation, expertise and insights with local authorities to help shape proposals for the next three years. 

All local authorities (and combined authority areas and local authority consortia) should submit applications by 25 February. Submissions will need to propose three-year local programmes with specific targets to reduce rough sleeper numbers.

Local authorities are expected to review their current rough sleeping responses and propose activities across four areas:

  • Prevention: Activities to stop people sleeping rough for the first time.
  • Intervention: Support for those currently sleeping rough to move off the streets.
  • Recovery: Support for those who have slept rough to ensure they do not return to the streets (such as specialist accommodation and support as part of a pathway off the streets).
  • Systems Support: Systems and structures to embed change and monitor progress.

What to do if you haven’t been approached by your local authority yet

Regardless of whether your local authority has been in contact with you, it’s important to get involved over the next few weeks.

Get in touch with your local authority and ask them about their co-production process and the development of their three-year plans. Find out how you can contribute your insights, ideas or accommodation.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader