Impact of coronavirus on valuations

JLL and Savills have published a statement on the valuation of social housing properties during the coronavirus crisis.

The joint statement outlines the practicalities of undertaking valuations during this period, JLL and Savills' analysis of the housing market, and their view on EUV-SH and MV-T valuations.

In this update, JLL and Savills outline that they:

  • Expect EUV-SH values to be unaffected by the crisis.
  • Expect MV-T values may show modest falls of up to 10% in areas of high house prices, depending on the local circumstances during the crisis period.

In May 2020, Savills and JLL issued an update to their previous note on valuations during the crisis. It says that:

  • RICS have lifted the Material Valuation Uncertainty Clause for valuations undertaken on the basis of EUV-SH
  • External property inspections of social housing are resuming

Read the statement in full (PDF).