Join the Housing SORP Working Party

06 July 2022

The Housing SORP Working Party (SWP) is seeking a professional advisory firm that audits UK based housing associations to join the SWP.

The Housing SORP-making process

SORP-making bodies recognised by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) have responsibility for developing and issuing sector specific SORPs. The Housing SORP Making Body (SMB) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Housing SORP to address issues in the UK accounting framework relevant to housing associations. The Housing SWP is responsible for advising the Housing SMB on issues arising from the UK accounting framework relating to housing associations, and carrying out the detailed work involved in developing and maintaining the Housing SORP.

Find out more about the responsibilities of the Housing SWP and the terms of reference.

What we are looking for

The FRC's Policy and Code of Practice on SORPs requires that participants in the SORP-making process are fully representative of the housing sector, and they should include independent members representing the wider public interest, and where possible, users of financial statements. Consequently, membership of the SORP working party bodies has been drawn to ensure that they:

  • Possess an understanding of the housing association business model across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Have sufficient technical accounting expertise.
  • Include principal users of housing association financial statements.

The Housing SWP currently consists of 17 voting members – 11 senior housing association finance staff and six professional advisors.

Voting members will be selected in a fair and transparent way – the Technical Advisor to the SWP, the SWP Chair, a member of the SWP and NHF staff will take part in the selection process and ensure consistency in the process. The SMB will approve the final selection.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to John Butler, Finance Policy Leader. The deadline for applications is close of business on Monday 26 September 2022. Applications will be considered by the selection panel and there will be no interview process. We will notify all candidates of the outcome by the week ended 21 October 2022.

Please note that the first SWP meeting after completion of this recruitment process will take place on Monday 5 December 2022.

For an informal chat about the SWP and its work, feel free to get in touch with John Butler.

Who to speak to

John Butler, Policy Leader