Long-term rough sleeper accommodation funding now allocated

05 November 2020

The government has announced the funding allocations for the long-term element of the Next Steps Accommodation Programme. You can read the full details on the government’s website.

276 local authorities (and registered providers in London) will receive funding to make 3,300 long-term homes available with support. This is welcome news as housing associations were heavily involved in the accommodation and move-on effort, and worked with local authorities to design bids into this funding stream.

Responding to the allocations, Kate Henderson, Chief Executive at the National Housing Federation, said:

“It’s positive that this funding has now been allocated to provide long-term homes for rough sleepers. These homes, along with support, will be vital in ensuring people who have experienced rough sleeping do not return to the streets. Housing associations will be providing many of these homes and support and look forward to working with local authorities to ensure people are helped into permanent housing. This is an important step towards achieving the government’s manifesto commitment to end rough sleeping by 2024, alongside investment in new homes for social rent.”

The total funding allocated to each provider includes capitals and revenue, with some providers allocated funding for more than one scheme. Individual schemes will have more detail on their own breakdown, so members should contact the bidding local authority for more detail on their specific bids. There are some revenue-only/nil-capital grant allocations in London, including for Housing First. In the total allocations, some of the future years' revenue funding is included. You can read the allocations document for more information.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have not confirmed whether the capital funding can be rolled over if funded projects are not complete by March 2021. However, they are thinking about the future of the programme over the next few years and would welcome feedback on what has gone well and where improvement is required.

Please send your feedback to Suzannah Young, Policy Officer at the National Housing Federation.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader