Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans in high-rise residential buildings – consultation now open

30 June 2021

The government has published a new consultation, seeking views on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) in high-rise residential buildings. The consultation is now open and will run until Monday 19 July. 

PEEPs provide bespoke plans for people who cannot evacuate unaided in an emergency. 

The consultation is seeking views on implementing the recommendations for PEEPs in high-rise buildings, set out in Phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. The government has previously consulted on some of the Inquiry’s recommendations via its Fire Safety Consultation that concluded in October 2020 but is consulting again on this particular point.  

The proposals will require a change in law, placing new requirements on the ‘responsible person’ (owners or managers of multi-occupied high-rise buildings). The government is proposing that the responsible person for a high-rise residential building carry out a PEEP for every resident that needs one. In its previous consultation, the government had proposed that this requirement be limited to people who need one who are living in high-rise residential buildings with interim safety measures in place, such as a waking watch.  

As in the previous consultation, the new proposals require the resident to identify themselves as being unable to evacuate independently. The responsible person will need to share evacuation plans with all residents and actively invite those who need a PEEP to identify themselves, then work with the resident to agree a suitable evacuation plan. 

This is a change in where responsibility lies in comparison to the previous consultation, which required the building owner or manager to pass the information to the Fire Service. 

The consultation also asks for comments on whether the plans could apply to residents unable to self-evacuate who are living in multi-occupied buildings that are not high-rise. 

Finally, as part of the consultation, the government is welcoming views on the cost of PEEPs, recognising that implementing plans will involve additional and varying costs for building owners and managers. 

The NHF is working with other organisations in the sector to discuss the issues raised in the consultation and we welcome our members’ views to support this process. To submit your feedback please contact John Bryant, Policy Leader by Friday 2 July.  

The consultation closes on Monday 19 July. 

PEEPs workshops

Take part in a government workshop on PEEPs on Thursday 8 July (10:00-12:00) to share your views on the proposals.

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John Bryant, Policy Leader